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Our primary objective is to optimize the agriculture sector in a sustainable manner, while leveraging technology to improve efficiency on a large scale. The founders and associate consultants of Vida Verde (VVL) possess extensive experience in commercial agriculture operations, agronomy, livestock management, irrigation engineering, and agricultural technology. The main business units of VVL are Soil Testing and Soil Health, Agriculture Technologies adoption, Agricultural Skills Development and Risk Management. VVL aims to be the ultimate leader in agricultural business solutions in East, West, and Southern Africa championing food security on the continent.

Services- Consulting, training, support, business rescue, soil analysis and recommendations, HR placements, due diligence, feasibility studies, land use planning and business plans. VL also does irrigation systems design, installation and repairs.

Supplies-land clearing & soil testing machinery, irrigation systems supply, soil health products and software support (Information management systems and monitoring systems)

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+256393243036 or +256752132271

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