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I'd like to introduce ourselves. We are an Indian merchant exporter and sourcing company with a Liasion office for our Overseas Clients, based in Delhi, that specialises in a variety of products, including

1. Electrical and construction equipment / Cables material,Motors pumps, Lighting etc,      2. Agri products, Commodity Rice, Pulses, spices etc,                                                                  3. Plastic material, Furniture                                                                                                              As a global product sourcing company, I am keen to expand my business. To serve as your one-stop sourcing office, we are searching for a joint venture with African government or private importers. In order to support overseas buyers from the beginning to the end and foster a collaborative environment for appropriate items and prompt deployments,We are looking for a strategic alliance to take care of your entire sourcing needs out of  India

Warm regards and many thanks.                                                                                                           Raj Chopra


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