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Hagana Agro Processing Company Ltd established in April 2018, is a youth and women-focused business enterprise working to promote sustainable, community-based beekeeping in South Sudan. We envision communities that are self-supporting, food secure, and free from poverty.
We are using the God-given bees to empower communities to become self-supporting through creation of employment opportunities and increasing community revenue streams.
Our major business activities include: -
1. Capacity enhancement of farmers through technical training.
2. Supply of beekeeping equipment to help farmer improve quality of honey, increase production and revenues to support their families.
3. Market provision. We know that access to market for small holder farmers is vital in ensuring that farmer have the motivation to engage in production as there is assured market to sale their produce.
4. Procurement of honey and other honey products and processing these to finished products to supply the ever-increasing honey market both at home and abroad.
5. Research and marketing of honey and its products locally and internationally to boost the market and generate income for Hagana, farmers and the country
6. Building stronger organizational capacity of Hagana as well as farmer groups to maintain a sustainable eco-system of honey production by installing stronger systems including human resource as well as technology.


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