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Busaino Fruits & Herbs (BuFruit)  is a Permaculture  cum Agroecological  Farm Enterprise located in Eastern Africa, Uganda, adjacent to the source of River Nile in Jinja. BuFruit  is an Awards Winning Farm, "Best Farmer", BBC World Service, CCFU-EU Cultural Heritage.

BuFruit works with 356 women micro and  small enterprises as partners in production, supplies and artisanal processing. At the same time BuFruit works with Vocational Colleges such as Kaberamaido to host and train internees and the National Young Farmers Association to host international internees ie from German.

BuFruit grows Avocado, Jackfruit,  Herbs  and Trees like a forest on 1004 acres of land. There is value addition to the fruits, blended with herbs to make Wellness Teas.

PRODUCTS: (NAMAZ for hormonal balancing)  WAMAZ (supporting the treatment of pressure, diabetes & ulcers) and LWAZZI (for Prostate Health). In addition we produce essential oils from Trees (Cyprus)  & Grasses (Lemon Grass). Make gluten free  flour from Jackfruit and wonderful sauce from tender jackfruit.

SERVICES: BuFruit offers Services as well: Agri-Tourism and Agroecological Education


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