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Business Opportunities by Value Chain
Edible Oil Value Chain Wheat Grain Value Chain Leguminous Plants Value Chain Tubers Value Chain Fertilizer Value Chain
Production and distribution of quality seed throughout growers Multiplication and supply of seed Production and marketing bean certified seed Production and marketing of quality seed Fertilizer manufacturing
Commercial production of edible oil crops throughout growers Commercial production of wheat Cleaning and storage: Aggregation of quality beans for commercial markets Making potato crisps Fertilizer blending and repackaging
Irrigation software and hardware Establishing Bakeries Common bean processing Making potato frozen chips / chilled chips Organic/ natural liquid fertilizers
Dehulling of Sesame Seeds Putting up an Animal Feed Plant Niche/ specialised beans (e.g., pre-cooked beans) High-Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) Warehouse construction & storage
Livestock feeds (using the cake) Export and import of wheat flour Export marketing of common beans Cassava Starch Fertilizer Importation and distribution Processing of oil from the seeds of the oil crops
Processing wheat flour Production and marketing groundnut certified seed Brewing cassava beer Fertilizer making raw material production Import and export business of seeds and oil
Production of breakfast cereals (Weetabix, crackers, scones, and waffles) Extraction of Oil from Groundnuts Use of cassava in the pharmaceutical industry Fertilizer Analytical laboratories Paste of sesame and groundnut
Production of pizza, pasta, pastries and pudding Groundnut Paste Manufacture of Bioethanol Making Bio fertilizers e.g. Rhizobia Manufacture of biofuel
Valorization of wheat straws to get biofuel Roasted groundnuts (Confectionery) Buying and selling fertilizers Invest in snacks, bread, cookies, pastries, tofu and soy milk, ice cream, lipstick, fats and margarine Use of wheat straws to manufacture packaging material
Groundnut Flour or sauce Develop organic and mineral fertilizers Warehousing to buffer supply Controlling Aflatoxins in groundnuts Producing Biochar to improve soil productivity