Organization Description

We are engaged in Agro-processing and production of farm produce. Our products are packed in packages of varying sizes. these include:

1: ANIMAL FEEDS (for Poultry, Pigs, Cattle and Dogs) - Packaged in 50Kg, 25Kg

2: SUNFLOWER OIL - Packaged in 25 Litres; 10Litres and 5 Litres

3: MAIZE FLOUR - Packaged in 25Kg; 10Kg and 5Kg

4: SUNFLOWER SEEDCAKE - Packaged in 50Kg

5: MAIZE BRAN - Packaged in 50Kg;

6: AVOCADO and GRAPES (Wine and Table Grapes) - Various packages as per customer needs.

Packages of other sizes are available depending on the customers' requirements

Our products can either be bought at our production point in Dodoma or transported to various destinations as per the wishes of our customers

Other services include:

(i) Printing of Polythene Bags (packages for grains, animal feeds, and other processed agro-products)

(ii) Agri-Consulting (Various areas)


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+255 754 742 001

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