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Empowering Local Agriculture, Delivering Quality Products
Mozambique Good Trade is a proudly Mozambican consumer goods company dedicated to empowering local agriculture and delivering high-quality, natural products. We work exclusively with independent small and medium-sized businesses, farms, and cooperatives across all provinces, sourcing the finest domestically produced agricultural products.

Our Mission:

Connect Mozambican producers to growing market demand: We bridge the gap between local farmers and high-value markets, both domestically and internationally.
Promote sustainable agriculture: We support local businesses and practices that prioritize environmental responsibility and ethical sourcing.
Deliver exceptional quality: We process and pack our products to meet international food safety standards, ensuring natural and healthy goodness in every bite.

Our Products:

Varied and unique portfolio: We offer a diverse range of products, all sharing the unique selling proposition of being Mozambican-made, natural, and of the highest quality.
Committed to sustainability: We source responsibly and promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

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