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Casammak Aquaculture was set up in 2017, specialising in African and Asian aquaculture, by founder William Leschen who worked for 17 years as a Project Manager and Researcher at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. Prior to this he worked in both the (hands on) commercial, research  and government sectors of aquaculture and aquatic animal health, living and working in Ghana for 5 years in the 1990's - 2000's.

William continues to run and daily update the SARNISSA African Aquaculture online network now going out to over 7200 Followers  through Facebook and  email discussion fora (in English, French and Portuguese); also the Sustainable Aquaculture  Stirling  Facebook site  connecting  the Scottish/UK   aquaculture sector  globally, also updated daily with news, publications, employment opportunities,, videos etc  and frequented   regularly across an alumni and  international following.

Casammak's current projects and assignments include: A Fish Health Fish Diseases Case Study for Ghanaian Aquaculture (see video and case study in publications), developing novel low price diagnostic kits in for Bangladeshi Indian shrimp and finfish culture, associated aquaculture, fish health and novel feed ingredients development in Kenya and Uganda, improving aquaculture and fisheries dissemination materials for WorldFish Asia and Africa, compilation of fish health/fish diseases information briefs for 10 SS African countries, and online survey on status of aquatic animal health across SS Africa - both for FAO, Casammak also provides scientific editing and proof reading services for publications, articles, reports, other - recent examples with government organisations in Vietnam. Casammak  particularly  sees the value in  supporting and developing private sector   especially  innovative  start ups   through SMEs

William has worked for over 20 years in various  aquaculture projects and with private sector and govt in Kenya  Tanzania and Uganda - He recently  was in Rwanda   working  with training    on the increasing threat and cost of fish diseases  with the WOAH  - World Organisation of Animal Health

Always open to enquiries  - Casammak  Aquaculture  prides itself on  only getting involved in   work / projects / activities    where and from   which there  are  clear  and  specific measurable impacts    to a  number of persons.... It does not get involved in  "projects"  often  funded from outside  donors  or  national govts which  have significant budgets, are finite , and  after 2 -3 years have  no measurable impact.

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