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Company (start up ) aims to develop chicken farming for the production of eggs, chicks and hens (layers and broilers).

Currently, the country is experiencing the following problems:
• Low local production of eggs and chicken meat.
• Recording of cases of malnutrition (the consumption of eggs and meat contributes to good nutrition and dietary balance for good health of the population).
• Lack of employment of labor for youth.
• Insufficient support for the rural population such as women and youth.
• High price of eggs and meat.
• Insufficiency of local professional investors: current chick breeding centers and production (eggs and meat) cannot meet local demand, hence investors resort to importing eggs and chicks abroad.
• Insufficiency of quality feed for chickens.


It is in this context that our company will intervene with the following innovations:

• The mass birth center through incubator technology which is not much developed in Burundi.
• The development of food production concentrated on the local market.
• Production of good quality manure for the restoration of degraded land.
• Contribution in the supply of eggs and meat to improve the nutrition of the Burundian community.
• Support for the population in the professionalization and self-employability of youth and women, particularly in rural areas.


The capital required for the implementation of the project is thirty-five thousand dollars (50,000 USD) and the invested capital is recoverable in 36 months.
The milestones already achieved are made by:
• Acquisition of basic equipment consisting of 2 incubators with a capacity of 1,052 eggs each and a commercial stand and a commercial stand for an amount of five thousand five hundred and twenty-eight dollars (5,528 USD);
• Identification of key project personnel (veterinarian and an agronomist)
• Identification and awareness-raising of a community of the target population made up of 186 households for the production of the necessary inputs (corn and sunflower, etc.)
• Carrying out a market study,
• Coaching exercise on risks and good practices for good production,
• Identification of the egg supply point and other potential partner breeders.


Our business has a vital impact on the community because similar businesses are in insufficient condition and their production cannot meet consumer demand; which means that the market price remains high due to lack of sufficient production and competition.
Our company will offer employment to qualified labor either directly in the production factory, or as commercial agents for eggs or meat for their survival and financial empowerment through the payment of salaries in return for the activity. provided to our company.
At the social level, firstly, producers of basic inputs are grouped into community networks; which allows them to have good local monitoring, the adoption of good farming practices, an outlet for their production, easy access to income and their strengthening of social cohesion and lasting social peace to fuel our business. . Then, we estimate growth in the production of eggs, meat and manure at just reduced cost.
Finally, the abundance of our products will contribute to the well-being of local consumers to their hunger and according to their financial capabilities.


An economist by training, he is CEO of the Agricultural Multiservices Company (EMSA) from January 2024. He served respectively from 2019 to 2023 as a support for cooperatives and young entrepreneurs in the Financial Inclusion Support Project and Rural Burundi, from 2018 to 2019 at the Health Workers Solidarity Fund as Internal Control and Audit Manager, from 2014 to 2018 at Mutualité d'Epargne et de Crédit as internal auditor and General Director and from 2011 to 2014 teaching Accounting and business organization courses.
For the implementation of the project, the entrepreneur intends to recruit a team of collaborators and qualified labor to guarantee the success of the project.

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