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“The person who has a good idea but does not know how to sell it is no more advanced than the person who does not have one.” said – Abraham Lincoln.
This quote deeply touched me as an Economist by training with long experience and skills in management, planning, control and coaching entrepreneurs towards success.
This is what pushed me to set up an Agricultural Multi Services Establishment_AMSE with a vision of producing Large Meal.
The notion of entrepreneurship requires innovation or targeting to meet customer needs in a sustainable way. However, food insufficiency is a global reality, those who are most affected are the small scale farmers, children and women with a risk of compromising the future of generations (according to UNICEF and WFP). This situation is far from being corrected if the most enlightened invest in it as a priority.
Faced with this food deficiency, there is also the lack of employment of the active population to have financial resources capable of meeting their needs.
The consequences of climate change and the failures in community supervision do not spare the population with modest resources.


The Agri Multi Services Establishment_AMSE wishes to contribute to the enhancement of production and the transformation of sectors with high potential for productivity and creation of added value for food security by producing a Large Meal (IBIRUNGE).
Farmers, Investors and stakeholders with the objective of promoting food security.
Complementarity focused on the win-win approach.


It is in this context that our company will intervene with the following innovations:

  • The implamentation of an approach of complementarity between the actors assigned to the agricultural value chain.
  • Setting up product processing units
  • The development of local inputs to serve as raw materials for processing units.
  • Production of good quality manure for the restoration of degraded land.
  • Contribution in the supply of Large Meal to improve the nutrition of the Burundian community.
  • Support for the population in the professionalization and self-employability of youth and women, particularly in rural areas.

- The establishment is officially registered with the Burundi Development Agency
- Setting up a management team
- Targeting a rural pilot community of more than 500 farming households
- Identification of priority sectors (Cassava, Maize, Rice,Poultry and Horticulture)
- The supply of some poultry equipment.


At the moment we have a financial challenge to achieve significant production.

As this platform's mission is to Enabling Access to Agro Market & Investment Opportunities in East Africa; we make this information available to potential partners because we are aware that “Whoever sows an idea, he will reap action”. What we promise firstly is good collaboration.


Egide NIYONSABA is an Economist_ junior Consultant Certified in Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development.

He is a CEO of the Agricultural Multiservices Company (AMSE).

He served respectively from 2019 to 2023 as an Advisor for Burundian  Agricultural SMEs on behalf of the IFAD project in Burundi (PAIFAR-B) for Agricultural SMEs sustainabily and food security, from 2018 to 2019 at the Health Workers Solidarity Fund as Internal Control as the Audit Manager, from 2014 to 2018 at Mutual Savings and Credit "MUTEC Ltd" as internal auditor and General Managing and from 2011 to 2014 teaching Accounting and business organization courses.

Briefly, Egide N. is an Agri SME Expert, Trainer, Controller, Manager and Strategic Planner.

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