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AFRD's mission to Help local Farmers raise and grow vegetables, fruits, berries and domesticated livestock on extensive pastures is one of the agroecological traditions. More than 60% of Georgia’s Mountain land area is still used as grazing land, by locals, including ranchers, nomads and farmers. AFRD has created the platform with local Farmers focused on the extensive Land use of livestock-dependent production systems for improving the pasture's biological and productive side. AFRD has created
a market-oriented, economically viable Farmer’s Network and research units. AFRD offers: Holding training courses and educational seminars in different regions of Georgia in Organic Farming, Agro Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Gene Banking, also gives juridical consultations to farmers, defending their rights, Drafting Legislation, Lobbying, Supporting Rural and Ecotourism in Rural Areas of Georgia. AFRD provides Exchange and Internship Programs for Young Farmers and Agricultural Students to help them in getting professional experience abroad, which develops young farmers' and students' skills, hands-on experience, academic background and practical knowledge. Such programs were available in the US and EU Member Countries

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