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Introduction: AGRIMOD LTD is an AgriTech business startup that implements digital solutions to the Agriculture by linking up small-scale farmers to customers, providing them with an online presence, and giving them access to a global audience, increasing access to local produces as customers can now easily find them by simply searching the catalog.



Small-scale farmers in the rural areas of South-Kivu Province of Democratic Republic of the Congo face a significant challenges of market access and profitability. They struggle to bring goods to markets. They are in lack of access to a wide market, inefficient market systems, lack of price transparency, and limited access to technology. This leads to postharvest losses, low income, limited growth, and thus perpetuates a cycle of poverty.

Statistics and Data outline that globally 1.3 billion tons of food are lost each year. (UN, FAO). Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa lose as much as 36% of their total harvested food, with up to 94% losses due to inefficient supply chains and modern solutions. The Eastern part of Democratic Republic of the Congo produces an immense quantity of vegetables, fruits and grains, about 40% of these products are wasted because of lack of means of reaching the markets and potential customers. This fact proves that small-scale farmers in rural areas of Democratic Republic of the Congo get low income; they get less than $100 per month.


Introducing VUNA:

VUNA platform comes with great features out of the box that empowers local farmers by proving them with an online presence. It gives them access to a global audience, increases access to local produces as customers can now easily find them by simply searching the catalog. It enables customers to get produces at the best price since they can directly order from the farmers. The potential is immense; about 70% of the population in DR Congo is engaged in agriculture, which represents 56 million of small-scale farmers.

We have bridged the gap by developing a mobile app that directly connects small-scale farmers to customers. Our solution is simple yet powerful and empowers small-scale farmers by providing them with a direct route to market. With VUNA app, we offer sustainable solar powered cooling storage and transportation units to small holder farmers in order to reduce the transportation as we deliver to customers, we increase access to local produces as consumers can now easily find them, and we bring farmers and customers on the same platform in the process.

Our venture creates great impact for both parties:

We have already reached 6500 small-scale farmers in Kabare territory of South-Kivu Province in Democratic Republic of the Congo, through our solution ''VUNA platform'' 50 jobs have already created,  13 000 tons perishable products are stored and customers reach them easily, and income of small-scale farmers is now increased at $320 per month.

Our Unique Selling Points:

Our flexibility: we are tailoring solutions to the specific needs and context of the local community and adapt solutions based on local conditions and budgets. This category of target is always left aside by other people. This what differentiate us. In addition, scalability and replicability: The scalability and ease of replicating solutions across different regions allowing stakeholders to envision the potential for wider impact, making the business an attractive partner.


Small-scale farmers, Small and Medium-Sized Agribusiness Cooperatives, Non-Profit organizations and Small farmers in the sector of Agriculture and Agribusiness in Rural and Semi-Urban Areas of the country.  In this regard, we have already 498 users that use our digital solution ‘’VUNA App’’. They operate in the region with significant agricultural activity and they represent 90% of actors impacted with the problem.


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