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AGRICOA COOP – Cooperative for Agriculture Community and Environment, is a service cooperative functioning as a network platform for cooperation and coordination between organizations, it functions as a platform for incubation and creation of income generation projects and opportunities, with the aim of contribute to socio-environmental-economic-cultural development in all segments of society, based on the universal principles and values of Cooperativism.
AGRICOA collaborates in promoting and creating an inclusive economy based on the adoption of sustainable practices. Our collective, mutually supportive and non-competitive actions allow different producers to share experiences, resources and knowledge with each other and accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Our activities: AGRICOA COOP gives priority to activities that promote the sustainable development of communities, we provide support to communities in the development of initiatives to promote development focused on 3 three strategic areas centered on 3 three areas (i) Agriculture/Agribusiness (ii ) Community development (ii) Environment.

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